cups problem: replaces fonts with courier/typewriter font

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Sun May 18 18:48:40 PDT 2003

I have upgraded to FreeBSD 4.8 and cups

The test-print-page (from the admin pages in cups) and everything else I print,
looks uggly, because certain fonts (I think roman) is not printed, but instead
courier/typewriter font is used.

On my FreeBSD PC, the printer is listed in the cups admin pages as:

  	HP LaserJet Series CUPS v1.1

whereas on another Linux box with cups, the same printer is listed as:

	HP LaserJet 6 series, CUPS+GIMP-print v4.2.2

The Linux box prints properly, the FreeBSD does not.

I am puzzled, because adding a new printer, does not allow me to set
such details as "CUPS v1.1" or "CUPS+GIMP-print v4.2.2" for the printer.
This seems to happen automagically: all I can choose is "HP" and "LaserJet".

Any ideas what is going wrong here?

Thanks so much!


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