need help repairing this system... mount issues

Andy Farkas andyf at
Sun May 18 18:20:40 PDT 2003

> >
> > boot -s
> after this i need to tell it where to find the filesystem
> so, like in the previous messages,
> mountroot> ufs:/dev/ad4s1a
> > fsck -p
> when i try this, i get the following:
> Can't open /dev/ad0s1a: Device not configured
> /dev/ad0s1a: CAN'T CHECK FILE SYSTEM.
> in past i've tried to run fsck on ad4s1a, but it gave the error:
> Can't stat /dev/ad4s1a: No such file of directory

Mmmm. I think you've got two options: either move the disk onto the
motherboard controller so it becomes ad0 again (or stick it in another
machine) or boot the install disk (either floppy or cd) and go into the
Fixit shell to create an ad4 device node (this can be fairly complicated
to do...)


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