Kernel panic -supervisor read, page not present

Mikko Työläjärvi mbsd at
Sun May 18 17:40:24 PDT 2003

On Sun, 18 May 2003, Doug Hardie wrote:

> On Sunday, May 18, 2003, at 09:34 US/Pacific, Doug Hardie wrote:
> > I have a system that is almost a year old.  It started rebooting last
> > week several times each day with the message "supervisor read, page
> > not present".   A search of the archives indicates this is most likely
> > a hardware failure, but there is no indication of what might have
> > failed.  The only messages preceeding the panic have been a gzip that
> > failed, several crons and atruns that failed.  Most of the panics show
> > nothing unusual preceeding them in console.log or messages.  The
> > machine is an archive server.  Its role in life is to do an rsync
> > every 5 minutes for off-site archival storage.  Nothing else is
> > running on it.  Any ideas how to determine the failure as its still
> > under warrantee for a few more weeks.
> The situation is deteriating.  Now rsync is core dumping.  ls works,
> but ls -l does not.  It also core dumps.  The problem occurs when

Your problems sound an awful lot like they are hardware related.  Bad
memory or a bad disk or CPU overheating etc.  I have no really good
tips on how to track down the problem, except for systematically
exchanging parts (starting with memory modules) and see if it makes
any difference.  And making sure the heatsink on the CPU is firmly in
place.  And that all fans are running.  The usual...

> reading /etc/spwd.db.  Something must be corrupt in it.  I can't find
> any info on that file.

Run "pwd_mkdb -p /etc/master.passwd" to re-build it.  See pwd_mkdb(8).


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