need help repairing this system... mount issues

Ian Dowse iedowse at
Sun May 18 17:17:08 PDT 2003

In message <20030518235412.94908.qmail at>, Bsd Neophyte w
>mknod: ad4: Read-only file system
>/sbin/mknod ad4
>this happens about 5 times starting with ad4 and ending with ad4s4.  how
>can i resolve this?

Try the following MFS trick:

	mount_mfs -T fd1440 none /mnt
	cd /mnt
	sh /dev/MAKEDEV ad4s1a
	mount -u /mnt/ad4s1a /
	cd /dev
	sh MAKEDEV ad4s1a

The usual way of getting out of this situation is to use a fixit
CD/floppy to create the device nodes, but the above should work
without the need for that.


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