need help repairing this system... mount issues

Simon Barner barner at
Sun May 18 16:05:42 PDT 2003


> well i found that now the disk was no longer da0 but da4.  so i had to
> boot by entering "ufs:/dev/ad4s1a" 
> i am able to boot, but i'm having some issues now.
> i've tried "mount /dev/ad4s1e /usr" but this wont work.  i get the
> following error: "mount: /dev/ad4s1a: No such file or directory"
> i decided to look under /dev, for some reason under the disk pointers (is
> that what they are called?) only go up to da3, there is no mention of da4.
>  i really don't know what to do to mount /usr.

All you have to do is to boot into single user mode ('boot -s' at the
boot prompt), and create the missing device node:

cd /dev
sh MAKEDEV ad4s1a (and probably others, have a look at /etc/fstab).

Then you have to adjust /etc/fstab accordingly (replace da0 with da4).

Now, your system should start properly...


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