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JoeB barbish at a1poweruser.com
Sun May 18 06:50:31 PDT 2003

First of all FBSD 5.0 is not for general use, it's a development
You should be using FBSD 4.8.
Second, your question is way to general in nature.
Nobody here has ESP to read your mind.
When you ask questions here it's best to provide details so we can
see what you have configured.

Repost your question, but this time include the following files.
 rc.conf,  ppp.conf,  ppp.log,  dmesg.boot   these files well show
us how you have configured user ppp.

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i have followed your manual steps using ppp,  it connects to my isp
also used kppp which also connects but every time i use my browser
says an error message saying **** failed asterisk means the web page
trying to go to,  which seem like all my browsers are not linked
ppp or kppp is there command or something i need to do to make it
Im new with bsd please help thanks....

by the way i have the freebsd 5.0 installed and i really like it...

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