thanks for your help

Aaron Peterson aaron at
Sun May 18 06:48:43 PDT 2003

Just wanted to take a minute to say thanks to Chuck Swiger and Matthew 
Seaman for their help with ntpd.  I should have figured this one out on my own 
really, I'm just used to having a commented up configuaration file already 
present on systems where ntpd is installed.  Thank you for your help though. 
Thanks to Joe Sotham to for your advice on adding "device atapicam" to my 
kernel config to get ide-scsi emulation and xcdroast working.  Worked like a 
And thanks again to Matthew Seaman for your advice on changing the 
directory ftpd serves.  You are correct that I did NOT look at the man page... 
shame on me :), and because I didn't read was looking all around for a 
ftpd.conf or something.  In any case, you set me on the right path - thanks. 
And thank you to all the folks responding to my "opinions wanted - linux vs. 
freebsd" thing too.  I have been test driving freebsd both at work and home, 
and doing some reading on my own.  At work i have built an IDS box with snort, 
mysql, apache, php, and acid.  It is a good test because for several months 
before on the exact same machine i had the exact same applications running 
on linux.  At home, I am using freebsd for a samba/nfs fileserver on on 
machine.  It also does DNS, DHCP and a few other various things.  I have 
switched my workstation from linux to freebsd too, to kindof force myself to 
deal with freebsd on a daily basis and speed up the need to get comfortable 
with it.  I have read FreeBSD Unleashed and am about half way through the 
FreeBSD Handbook -- which also deserves a big thanks.  The FreeBSD 
handbook is more practically helpful than any linux distro handbook I've ever 
seen.  Obviously a LOT of time and effort has gone into it's creation and 
In any case, I just wanted some opinions in addition to my own efforts about 
the differences between linux and freebsd.  the "Explaining BSD" 
was especially helpful. 
Thanks again :) 
Aaron Peterson 

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