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wrote Tom thusly...
> i'm having difficulty with key repeat rates in X windows

Okay then; use xset(1) (somewhere in your xinitrc or equivalent)...

  r       The r option controls the autorepeat.  If a preceding  dash  or
          the  'off'  flag  is  used, autorepeat will be disabled.  If no
          parameters or  the  'on'  flag  is  used,  autorepeat  will  be
          enabled.   If  a  specific keycode is specified as a parameter,
          autorepeat for that keycode is enabled  or  disabled.   If  the
          server  supports  the XFree86-Misc extension, or the XKB exten-
          sion, then a parameter of 'rate' is accepted and should be fol-
          lowed  by  zero, one or two numeric values. The first specifies
          the delay before autorepeat starts and the second specifies the
          repeat  rate.   In  the  case  that the server supports the XKB
          extension, the delay  is  the  number  of  milliseconds  before
          autorepeat  starts,  and  the rate is the number of repeats per
          second.  If the rate or delay is not given, it will be  set  to
          the default value. delay of 350 ms & 30 repeats/s, for all the keys, will be set as...

  xset r rate 350 30

  - parv


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