Using php and apache2 in a production environment

Jalle defacto at
Sat May 17 10:52:57 PDT 2003

Apache 2 has been around for ages now, and still, all READMEs and such is 
warning about using Apache 2 in production environments.
I know that this is not a warning to be taken lightly, the people at Apache 
knows what they are talking about, being developers of the, by far, most 
popular and extensively used web server on the internet today. Even so, I 
think Apache 2 could easily be taken for "stable" by now. I have used it on 
my own server (my personal, not in a production environment) for over a 
year. Not even a single hickup! It's definitely working better than the 
first Apache server I used some time ago.
This being said, if you feel anxious about using a non-production software 
in a production environment, then stick to Apache 1.3. After all, it's 
still a great server.


At 12:30 2003-05-17 -0500, Alfonso Romero wrote:
>Sorry, it´s, i forgot the dot.
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>   Works fine on my unit,
>   The link is not working : The page you requested could not be found. 
> The page may have been moved or removed from the site.
>   At 11:34 17-5-2003 -0500, Alfonso Romero wrote:
>     According to, one should not 
> use php and apache2 in a production server. Has anyone had any troubles 
> with this?
>     Thanks in advance,
>     ALfonso Romero
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