realaudio frequently coredumps

Malcolm Kay Malcolm.Kay at
Sat May 17 08:47:47 PDT 2003

On Sat, 17 May 2003 21:55, Rob Lahaye wrote:
> David Banning wrote:
> >>I'm using realaudio versions 8 and 9, which both coredump frequently.
> >>The crash seems to happen when the speed of the connection goes down,
> >>which, of course should not be a reason for coredumping :).
> >>
> >>I'm just wondering whether this is indeed a bug in realaudio, or it
> >>is a bug in the linux module on Freebsd.
> >>
> >>I'm using linux_base-7.1_3 and FreeBSD 4.8 on a intel PC.
> >
> > Did you check the brandelf status?
> Aha, never heard of this 'brandelf' thing.
> So I have opera-6.12.20030305 and linux-realplayer-8.cs2_2
> installed via the ports; both are linux versions.

Be careful; I believe there are native FreeBSD versions of opera and
I would be a little surprised to find a linux version branded as FreeBSD.
When branding has not been taken care of the I think zero value corresponding
to SVR4 is usually found.

I have opera-6.11.20021129 which the help->about claims is for a FreeBSD 

> When I do 'brandelf' on these executbles, I get:
> File '/usr/local/share/opera/bin/opera' is of brand 'FreeBSD' (9)
> File '/usr/local/bin/realplay' is of brand 'SVR4' (0).
> Is this wrong?
> I would expect that a portinstall fixes this on the fly.
> Must I do manually
> # brandelf -t Linux /usr/local/share/opera/bin/opera

I think not.

> # brandelf -t Linux /usr/local/bin/realplay
> after the portinstall ?


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