freebsd vs. linux - educated opinions wanted

P. U. Kruppa root at
Fri May 16 22:08:25 PDT 2003

> what does linux have that freebsd doesn't?  what does freebsd have that linux
> doesn't?
A highly reliable, serious, polite and patient user/developer
Since I am no computer pro this is very important for me to be
able to run a UN*X system.

> what are the security issues that should be acknowledged when
> deciding which to use for something mission critical in a production
> environment?  how does one measure/compare stability, and which comes out
> on top?
I found the highest and only security issue being myself, trying
things before reading the manuals and documentations :-)
But in the last 4 or 5 years I never succeded in completely
wrecking my system. Things could always be repaired with the help
of this list (thanks, by the way).

Thus I can say FreeBSD is a highly reliable and stable operating



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