please guide me...

Malcolm Kay Malcolm.Kay at
Fri May 16 20:37:15 PDT 2003

On Sat, 17 May 2003 12:52, siavash mahjoob wrote:

> my name is siavash mahjoob
> I recently work with freeBSD 4.3.I have problem. I install freeBSD on my
> computer then create a user with name "admin" and set root password
> "siavash".then restart my computer.but when login to freeBSD,I have not
> access to resources such as /bin directory.

The supervisor or (king pin) on unix systems is (almost) always known as
"root" not "admin". The "root" user is created by default. If you entered a 
root password at installation you should be able to gain privileges by
logging in as usr "root" and the root password.

Judging from from your question, I imagine you would be foolish to mess
with the /bin directory until you understand much more of the system.


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