how to boot linux using BTX as a bootloader ( dualboot)

Marlon Corleone bufdaem0n at
Fri May 16 18:00:48 PDT 2003

is there a way, to boot a linux distrobution using btx
as the bootloader, like in my case, i installed Slack
9.0 then FreeBSD 4.8, and after that btx boot up,
FreeBSD works fine, but when i choose to boot slack it
wont boot, is there a way i can make slack to boot
properly, like do some editing and configuration in a
certain FreeBSD file (like lilo.conf), though i
checked everything in /boot in Free i cant see any
option so i can add an entry for slack, though using
lilo as my bootloader i manually add an entry for BSD,
and it work for two os's. How about using BTX as the
bootloader?? is it possible? 


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