fBSD / Apache 2.0.45 - not getting .so files

Joe Lewis joe at relia.net
Fri May 16 10:09:33 PDT 2003

I am querying the world with the following question :

I am trying to install the FreeBSD port for www/apache2 (using the 
2.0.45 port pulled from www.freebsd.ports as of this morning), using the 
shared modules.  Unfortunately, as it installs (compiles and installs 
without an error), I don't get the .so files from the standard install. 
 All I get are .a and .la files.  Inside of the 
work/httpd-2.0.45/modules/*/directories, there are .slo files there, but 
I cannot locate any of the other standard .so module files.  Does the 
port not support the old .so files?


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