missing +CONTENTS file

John Fox jjf at mind.net
Fri May 16 09:19:51 PDT 2003

This is very interesting.  I ran 'pkg_info' on one of my machines here,
and amongst the output was "pkg_info: unable to open +CONTENTS file".

I poked around a bit, and determined that the pine-4.44 package was the
only one lacking a +CONTENTS file in its /var/db/pkg directory, and am
curious about a couple of things:

1) I am relatively certain that nobody deliberately erased that file, and
the rest of the directory seems intact.  This brings to mind the possiblity
of a bug, and I have gone through the listing of open bug reports, searching
for the described behavior, and found nothing.  (There were many instances
of 'pkg', but I am reasonably certain I didn't miss any.)  So I ask now if
any of you have observed this sort of behavior.

2) I am guessing I can fix this by deleting the package and reinstalling it,
but would appreciate some feedback from others before doing so, as this
issue is on a production machine, and I'd hate to further mess up the
pkg/db structure.

With thanks,

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