Problems compiling mod_php

Will Mitayai Keeso Rowe mit at
Fri May 16 07:19:51 PDT 2003

If you're having problems compiling the freebsd mod_php4 port (version
4.3.1) here's some things to keep in mind after my research on the

1) if you're getting warnings about sablotron version not being >=0.96
yet you know for a fact that it is 0.97, then check config.log in the
work directory. towards the end, look for snmp errors. If they are
there, it's not a sablotron problem after all, it's an smtpd issue.

2) make sure you're not using net-snmp5 (the /usr/ports/net-snmp port).
Check /var/db/pkg. That port does not work with php as far as I can
tell. Use the /usr/ports/net/net-snmp4 port instead. Don't use both!
pkg_delete may be handy here.

3) if you want the IMAP extension, don't use YAZ or recode extensions.
They seem to conflict. This may be the source of the install errors at
the point where it trys to install PEAR; the reason being is that it at
that point it uses the php command line to grab PEAR stuff, and the CLI
will core dmp, likely because of the mixed signals (see the PHP man page
entries for YAZ and recode, which specifically tell you not to mix them

4) be consistent with using SSL... curl, cclient (IMAP), and various
other things may use it, and if you mix&match you're looking for
trouble. Be careful in /etc/make.conf... if you don't want SSL, use
"WITHOUT_SSL=yes" in there... and remove any "WITH_SSL=yes" lines left
over from previous ways of dealing with things. If you change your mind,
recompile everything that requires SSL, including the packages that
depend on the packages that use the WITHOUT_SSL option. For example, I
use something like "portupgrade -fibR cclient" to force an interactive
recompile of cclient and everything that depends on it (on my machine,
mod_php4, uw-impad, and pine)

Hope this helps the people struggling out there who have emailed about
this in the past month.

Will Mitayai Keeso Rowe 

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