not upgrading, just recompiling

Daniel Bye dan at
Fri May 16 05:14:19 PDT 2003

On Fri, May 16, 2003 at 05:03:24AM -0700, Aaron Peterson wrote:
> I have changed my optimizations in make.conf (fbsd4.8) and would like to
> recompile everything (just because it comforts me to have something
> compiling at all times).  I have found portupgrade etc...  to help
> upgrade packages but really what I want is to recompile all the packages
> I've installed in bulk.  "cd /usr/src && make buildworld && make
> installworld" gets only part of the job done right?  just the base
> system?  then how can i do installed ports?  is there some simple
> command i can use (or maybe two?)  i'm sure i could write some perl
> script to read pkg_version and go do things, but surely someone has
> already written a utility to do this type of thing...  Obviously i'm not
> a fbsd veteran :)

make buildworld etc just does the base system, yes.

portupgrade -arR will upgrade all installed ports that need upgrading.  To
force a recompile, though, add the -f flag.  The portupgrade manpage gives
all the gory details.


Daniel Bye

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