proxy server help(lil off list)

Anil Garg anilg at
Fri May 16 02:47:24 PDT 2003


There is a proxy firewall inbetween the client(Xperts) and the server(ND).
Its the first time we have used this client with "proxy" firewall.

Client needs two ports 80 and 443 to talk with server. Both these ports are
allowed in the proxy firewall settings. Server can be browsed(http) using
the web browser from client. But when trying to connect using Xperts(from
client machine) it is not able to connect to the server.

"proxy firewalls" are new to me...Can there be something specific about
proxy firewalls which doesnt let me commnicate with server.

One more thing...On using tunnelling via SSH it works fine(client can talk
with server well).

I dont have the exact firewall settings now as this setup is at the client
site.(pls tell if needed / or things which can be checked)

Please tell if some more about proxy firewall is needed? Also tell if more
info is needed about the client or server.

Thanks and Regards


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