Installation of a network interface

Verghese George vgeorge at
Thu May 15 16:47:12 PDT 2003

The version of FreeBSD is 4.0

uname -a
FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 4.0-RELEASE #0: Mon Mar 200 22:50:22 GMT
2000 root at monster,cdrin,cin:/usr/srcsys/compile/GENERIC i386

When I use the command
/stand/sysinstall and select
Configure Do a post-install configuration of FreeBSD
Select Networking Configure additonal network services
Select  Interfaces - Configure additonal network interfaces

It comes up with Network interface information required

I cannot find the ethernet card details on the screen
It should have come up with ep0 along with the card details

As a result I cannot install the network interface. 
I want to install the machine on a Lan with IP address.  I also find
that I cannot use any of the unknown network interfaces such as gif0 etc
for this purpose. ( It might be because the network card is not sensed
during the installation. ( I used the auto option). Is there a way of
installing the network interface on this machine?

Verghese George

vgeorge at

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