ntfs error and fd0 error

Andy Farkas andyf at speednet.com.au
Thu May 15 16:46:42 PDT 2003

On Thu, 15 May 2003, Marlon Corleone wrote:

> i have a win98 and winXP installed and FreeBSd, win98
> works fine i was able to read and write there, but i
> have a problem in XP when i add in my fstab /dev/ad0s3
> /XP ntfs 0 0
> when i try to boot, i receive this error ntfs:
> /dev/ad0s3: invalid argument
> as for my floppy device i received also this error
> during bootup:
>  msdos: /dev/fd0 = Input/output error
> though  i have support in my kernel config file for my
> ntfs: options NTFS and floppy
> # Floppy drives
> device          fdc0    at isa? port IO_FD1 irq 6 drq
> 2
> device          fd0     at fdc0 drive 0
> this are the entries for my ntfs and floppy in my
> fstab file:
> /dev/ad0s3              /XP             ntfs    rw
>          0       0
> /dev/fd0                /floppy         msdos   rw
>          0       0
> i hope anyone, can help me solving this problem,
> thanks.

To mount the ntfs partition, tell it to use the entire slice, ie

As for the floppy, you can't mount it without there being a floppy disk in
the drive, which is usually not true after boot.  Floppies are usually
mounted only when you need to use it, then unmounted shortly afterwards.

Comment out /dev/fd0 and rather mount it manually when needed.


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