Installing freeBSD by pxe from a linux box.

lasse lindgren lasse.lindgren at
Thu May 15 16:33:40 PDT 2003


Im new to this list and new to freebsd, actually i havent installed it
yet. The thing is i have to use PXE to install it, and there is NO
floppy,NO cdrom or VGA on this computer.

It's a motorola 5360.

Its capable of pxebooting, (im from the linux world) hda is a 16M cf Hdb
is a standard harddrive. User interface is a serialport, running
@38400,8n1. NIC is a eepro100

The computer is currently installed with linux, but since i have many
computers like this one, i thought about migrating into freebsd.

i saw this page
it gave me some hints, but since i dont have freebsd on the install
server i have problem. install server i also a cpn5360 and has debian
running as OS. 
So when i came to the part when i need a kernel... im stuck.
The loader seem's to be up and runnig, because it tells med it needs a

Please help :)

"I'm on the path, he thought. I don't have to know where it leads. I
just have to follow."

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