Dropping DTR to access command mode during ppp session

Peter Elsner peter at servplex.com
Thu May 15 09:05:09 PDT 2003

The way I've done it in the past... Is to stop ppp from running (you'll 
have to do this from the console)...

Then at the root prompt, type ppp and hit ENTER.

You will now be in the ppp> command line...
Type: term and hit ENTER.

You are now in terminal mode.

Type your AT commands, and then hit ~. (that's tilde and period), and you 
should be
back at the ppp> prompt.

Type: exit (or quit), and you are back at your ppp prompt.

Restart PPP.


At 08:55 AM 5/15/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a need to access my modem's command mode in order to issue some AT
>commands to obtain line status/quality and some other queries, DURING a
>ppp session.
>According to the modem manual, dropping DTR will put the modem into
>command mode (while keeping the connection up, similar to doing a "+++"
>but with more positive control).... then in theory I should be able to do
>my AT commands, terminating with an ATO to put the modem back into data
>However, there seem to be a couple problems with this:
>1)  Can't seem to figure out a way to get ppp itself to drop DTR and then
>allow me to use the "term" command to query the modem.
>2)  If I write an external program to drop DTR, I suspect ppp will get
>VERY confused...
>I've seen mention of the desire to do something similar in the list
>archives but no actual successful ways of doing it.
>Any ideas on how to be able to issue AT commands to my modem during a ppp
>Steve Lin
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