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Peter Elsner peter at servplex.com
Thu May 15 08:45:27 PDT 2003

I didn't know about the F5 key...  That's interesting news...

Learned something new today...  Thanks


At 10:40 AM 5/15/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>On Thu, May 15, 2003 at 10:00:06AM -0500, Peter Elsner wrote:
> > uhm... boot managers are for when you have multiple operating systems on a
> > SINGLE hard drive...
> >
> > Not for switching physically between 2 hard drives....
>Why not? F5 in the boot manager FreeBSD uses toggles to the next drive.
>At least FreeBSD tolerates being booted off something other than the C:
>0x80 drive.
>The BIOS boots the boot manager on the first drive whose prior default
>boot was F5 so after 5 or 10 seconds it hands off to the boot manager on
>the 2nd drive. And eventually you boot.
>I happen to have NT4 and FreeBSD 4.8 on the same drive at the moment but
>that has not always been the case.
>I suspect the original questioner somehow missed installing the boot
>manager on the primary drive and only installed on the secondardy.
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