READ command timeout - a common problem i think

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Thu May 15 07:46:05 PDT 2003


i once had this error too and searched even hell about a solution. In some
archive i found the reason: Some CD-ROM-drives don't understand a strange
ATA-signal wich is used by FreeBSD for communication. Once ago there had
been a patch, but as i remember, it was in the times of FreeBSD 3.*.
As i know, there is _NO_ solution but installing another CD-ROM-drive or
removing the drive.
If you don't have another drive, you could install via bootdisk and FTP.

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Subject: ad0: READ command timeout - a common problem i think

> Hi
> When I try and boot FreeBSD 5.0 setup I get the following error:
> ad0: READ command timeout
> ata0: resetting devices
> Info on my hardware:
> Motherboard is a Gigabyte  GA-8SG667 with SIS 648 + SIS 963 AGPSet  and
> ATA133
> Hard drive: IBM Deskstar GXP  80 gb  - support ata100 - 7200 rpm
> Any help will be MUCH appreciated!
> Brian
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