Boot block problem

James Schmidt james at JamesSchmidt.Com
Thu May 15 06:36:02 PDT 2003

Yesterday I started to notice a failing hard drive on my freebsd server.

In my haste to back up the existing hard drive to a new hard drive, I
forgot to make sure that the partitions match on the new hard drive (ie, /
on the original hard drive was /dev/ad0s1a, the new root partition is on

Once I realized my mistake, I was about to mount the new hard drive
manually using the emergency fix shell from the FreeBSD cd.  So, I mounted
the new partition and edited the new /etc/fstab file, and recreated the
devices (just to be sure) in /dev.

However, now whenever I boot, I get the following:

Invalid partition
No /boot/loader

>>FreeBSD/i386 BOOT
Default: 0:ad(0,a)/kernel

At the "boot:" prompt if I enter "0:ad(0,e)/kernel", it boots fine.

Apparently I just need to rewrite the new boot block information.  I've
gone through the /stand/sysinstall "fdisk" and "Label" menu options and
rewritten the new layouts to the drive, but no dice.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this ?  It's not a big deal, I'd just
like the machine to boot automatically without having to have someone
enter the new boot path every time.

Thanks in advance,

James Schmidt

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