My old website

Matthew Reeve tincanblower at
Thu May 15 01:08:34 PDT 2003

Hi there,
I was trying to locate some old files from my previous
website ( and found that you now 'host'
the site..?
I was aware that had ceased my site,
but as far as I knew it was to be taken off.

I would like to either get the site back and start
advertising my town band again, or at least put a
referal page on there...

Can you help in any way?  The band is a charity and
therefore money is quite hard to come by, but I am a
photographer and would happily do some free digital
work if required to pay for the site to be

I think we used to pay around £30 a year...

I would be truly grateful if we could come to some


Matthew Reeve LRPS

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