2 questions about inetd/mysql

andre thomasson andre at krang.net
Wed May 14 22:35:14 PDT 2003


i decided to use ftpd in FreeBSD5.0, and uncommented the #ftp in my inetd.conf
but the problem is that my inetd.conf seems not to load when i boot the machine.
ftpd is still not working! i have to maually write "inetd" in the shell (after the boot) to evoke the ftpd daemon.
any clue? ( my former installations has not behave like that )

and here is another question:

i try to install mysql3xxx-server from ports and during the compilation i get Errorcode1
"could not resolve hostname" i have checked in my rc.conf that my machine got a proper hostname, and my network is working fine. 

to be honnest i havnt tried to solve the mysql problem that much, i just took the chance to ask :-)

anyway many of you guys rox! 

Andre Thomasson

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