Problem with Bitstream Vera font install

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Wed May 14 19:43:32 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-05-14 at 22:34, Jesse Sheidlower wrote:
> After advice received here about why my upgrade of Mozilla to 1.3
> was displaying lousy fonts, I recently read through the font
> section of the Handbook and installed everything it recommended,
> and turned on anti-aliasing with Xft.
> The results are worse than they were before, but perhaps
> that's just a taste issue. In any case, the non-personal-taste
> problem is that Bitstream Vera Serif (the Handbook-suggested
> font to use for everything), when displayed by Mozilla in
> italics, is slanted diagonally _upwards._ That is, each
> character is raised, so a word in italics might look like
>                  .
>                 s 
>                c
>               i
>              l
>             a
>            t
> a word in i
> (The slant isn't that severe, but it does render things
> unreadable.)
> In other fonts, including for instance Bitstream Vera Sans,
> this does not happen; italics just slants each individual
> character on the baseline, like it's supposed to.
> Any ideas, aside from chucking it all and recompiling
> Mozilla with WITHOUT_XFT=yes ?

This used to be a problem with an old freetype2.  Make sure Xft,
fontconfig, and freetype2 are all up-to-date.  I just verified the
italic text at looks just fine with Bitstream Serif.


> Thanks.
> Jesse Sheidlower
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