fdp: www from scratch

manee radwasteus at yahoo.com
Wed May 14 18:41:22 PDT 2003

hi sirs,
> >
> > may be i need to ask doc team to add make macros
> or environment 
> > variables like this in the FreeBSD documents some
> place too.
> Actually, WEBDIR= should probably be WEBDIR?= in the
> Makefile so that 
> it can be overridden in the user's environment. 
> I'll commit this later 
> tonight.

that's great.

my intention or my desire(sorry am not english
speaking) is that how can one know one need to set
WEBDIR macro to some value in order to solve some
problem ?

but this is really a headache for documentation
project team, isn't it?

thank you for your prompt reply.
> - jim

with best regards,


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