Forwarding ssh to an internal sshd server?

BSD bsd at
Wed May 14 17:49:33 PDT 2003

I'm trying to setup a forwarding from one sshd server to another sshd

[internet] -- [gateway sshd] -- [internal sshd]

The gateway sshd should still accept users, so I can't just use a port
bouncer, and I only want certain (a subset of) users to be forwarded to
the internal ssh.

At first I used a public key exchange and a a simple script and set the
user's shell to it:

  /usr/bin/ssh -l $LOGNAME internalmachine.fqdn

This appeared to work (albeit a slow login), but then someone told me
that sftp/scp (and espcially cvs -d :ext:) doesn't work with this setup.

Does anyone have a better suggestion for forwarding specific users to
another sshd from the gateway sshd? Thanks.

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