Problems with Terminal Emulation

Tom Smith tom at
Wed May 14 17:23:46 PDT 2003

I'm using FreeBSD 4.8-R. I've been having some problem that I believe 
are related to terminal emulation.

Some examples:
- In Vim 6.1 when I press "i" for insert then press any of the ARROW 
keys on my keyboard a capital letter is inserted into the cursor's 
current position. This also happens in Vi.
- Again, in Vi or Vim, pressin the "INSERT" key doesn't enter me into 
INSERT mode.
- In EE, when I press the DELETE key the EXIT Menu pops up. When I press 
the BACKSPACE key, the space to the right of the cursor is deleted.

This happens whether I'm in a terminal window in KDE, at the console, or 
SSHed from a Winblows system.

I use the BASH shell (version 2.05b). The default TERM variable is 
"xterm". The same problem occurs when I use "xterm-color".

I've also tried tcsh with similar results.

Please help before I put a bullet in the Daemon! :-(

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