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Shantanu Mahajan freebsd at dhumketu.cjb.net
Wed May 14 11:46:46 PDT 2003

+++ RexFelis [freebsd] [14-05-03 08:00 -0700]:
| Hello,
| I am enjoying learning FreeBSD but I have come to
| a strange little showstopper for which I can
| think of no rational explanation, and find no
| information in my researches.
| I have FreeBSD 5.0 installed on /dev/ad2s1 and it
| runs beautifully.  The installation was
| experimental, but as I learned more, I decided I
| need more space.  So I cleared out half my first
| disk and set up a 15 gig partition for FreeBSD
| there.
| Strangely enough, though, while the partition on
| the second hard drive holds the same OS installed
| from the same CD, the two installations are
| acting very differently when it comes to
| connecting to the internet.
| I can connect to the internet through the new
| install (I am using PPP), but I seem to be
| getting no response whenever I try to do
| anything.  Ports can't be fetched, web pages
| don't open, and pings never go.  I see that the
| lights on the modem flash for both outgoing, and
| occasionally returning packets, but nothing else
| happens.
| I tried using dd to copy the partitions from my
| old install to my new install, and while that
| produced working ppp, it also recreated the exact
| size of those partitions.
| I tried using 'cp -pRv' to carefully copy the
| partition contents across, and that also worked
| on the ppp problem, but created a problem with
| KDE not loading correctly for anyone but root. 
| XFree shows up, but nothing else happens from the
| weave-patterned screen.
| I have also tried just copying across the
| contents of /etc/ppp, but to no avail.
| How can it be that I am having such different
| responses from PPP on two installs from the same
| CD?
| By the way, for those who would advise me to use
| 4.x... I have done that, too, and - yep - I have
| the same exact problem.
| I'm stumped.  Anyone have any ideas?  Please???
| Shannon
| ------------------------------

	have u enabled firewall?
	whats the o/p of
	# ipfw show


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