CARTER Anthony a.carter at
Wed May 14 05:51:57 PDT 2003

What did you do once you made the cacert.pem (in step 2 of the link you gave 
me)? Step 3 uses keytool which I presume is a redhat thing...

I am still lost...

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 13:58, you wrote:
> should create a file ./demoCA/private/cakey.pem
> this key is used by -sign.
> However if you cannot find the problem by looking at or
> you can always use alternative solution to launch openssl
> directly.
> Sth like openssl ca -in -out clientapp.pem -keyfile ca.key
> Where keyfile is "ca.key" , in your  case it would point to your ./demoCA/
> private/cakey is it gets created at all.
> I used the information on this page:
> to create my test
> certificates and had no problem. Using it did not work for me for
> some reason (my stupidity probably) Cheers,
> Ivan

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