About my problem

Teilhard Knight teilhk at Phreaker.net
Wed May 14 00:18:02 PDT 2003

For those who do not know what I am talking about, this is what is
happening to me:

I have compiled my kernel. Everything seems to be all right, 
except that on boot it cannot mount root.

It displays: "mounting root from ufs:ad2s2a", and a failure message.

Now, I am left at boot with an inquire for a manual root filesystem
specification., like this:

<fstype><device> mount <device> using filesystem <fstype>

eg. ufs:/dev/da0s1a

? List valid disk boot devices

<empty line> abort manual imput


The HD where FreeBSD is installed is ad2 in my previous kernel and in
this new one it is ad1. I have now found out that this is the source of
the problem. I checked the partition table, and the slices are called
ad2s2a ---> ad2s2g. If this is the case, no way I can mount root on a
disk called ad1 with those slices.

So, I'll pose a different question. Do you know of a possible way I can
make my new kernel to spot my HD as ad2? To me this is the only solution

Teilhard Knight
The Extraterrestrial

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