Creating a quickly recoverable backup system?

cp cp at
Tue May 13 20:24:15 PDT 2003

I'm installing a third drive (120 Gb IDE) in a machine currently
using two high-speed SCSI drives  (36Gb each) which are the
normal running configuration. My intent is to make the IDE drive 
a bootable (after BIOS change) system that is ready to go
in the event of failure of a SCSI drive or controller. We will
backup all the data a three times a day over to the IDE
but keep this filesystem automonous so corruptions can't 
stop it from being bootable. It can be tossed into another
compatible box instantly and remain immediately ready to run
(this is why I was suspicious of vinum).

Is this the best way to approach keeping nearly 0% downtime
or does FreeBSD have a more elegant approach? BTW, we
don't have a raid controller and this system seems too bleeding
edge (hardware wise) already to attempt that.

Thank you,

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