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Tue May 13 07:02:46 PDT 2003

On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 09:48:26AM -0400, Jonathan Arnold wrote:
> I'm am getting regular, 1 second pings from an IP run by a South
> African ISP. If it wasn't for my DSL modem blinking right in front
> of me like a metronome, I probably wouldn't even notice it. And
> by using Ethereal (a packet sniffer) I can see the regular Pings
> coming in from there, although it recently changed IP address
> slightly.
> Now, it isn't enough to even remotely qualify as a DOS attack. It
> is merely one ping every second, sort of like checking to see if
> I'm still up. But nonetheless, it is annoying. I was wondering if
> anyone had any ideas what they might be up to? I've reported it
> to abuse on both my ISP and the controlling ISP, and it is slowly
> working its way through to resolution, but I'm still curious.

we had a similar effect when one of our aix nameservers used icmp
echo request packets for path mtu discovery.

when a customer queried the server he received one echo request

just an idea

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