Trigger on file change

Jeff Neuffer Jr. jneuffer at
Tue May 13 06:41:04 PDT 2003

This is interesting.  It would be nice to know what (if anything) can be
done.  Wouldn't something like Tripwire do this?

On Tue, 2003-05-13 at 07:47, Guy Van Sanden wrote:
> I need to have a script run everytime a file changes.
> The file only changes once every month (tops), but the script needs to
> be run rather fast after the change (5-10 minutes)
> I thought of leaving the script looping, making a checksum / date check
> every time and sleeping the rest, but it seems like a lot of overhead
> (disk access).
> Does anyone know of a utility that can do this, possibly one that can
> monitor filehandlers in the kernel?
> Thanks
> Guy
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