cvsup question Re: Re: Upgrade or Install new version offreebsd for Sendmail

P. U. Kruppa 520023893678-0001 at
Tue May 13 06:10:59 PDT 2003

> You could manually shutdown as many of the processes running on the
> system as possible, kick all the users off and do whatever else you
> can to make the machine quiescent and then just run the 'make
> installworld' and 'mergemaster' steps from multiuser mode and reboot.
> Chances are you'll get away with that, especially if it's a relatively
> small jump in version numbers.  However, if things go wrong, then you
> are up a gum tree.  Your vital server has been left unbootable and you
> haven't got any recourse other than to get physical access to the
> machine and do a full disaster recovery re-install backups from
> scratch type exercise.
Actually I am using the cvs-up procedure on my private machine
for about 3 years now and don't drop into single user mode and
there never were any complications.
But of course you are right to take the safe way on a production

> > Now I upgraded from 4.7 release to 4.8 stable and everything seems to have
> > been running fine for the past two weeks since I did so except on two
> > seperate occasions the server has completely frozen and been unresponsive
> > until my NOC did a forced reboot for me and everything came back to normal
> > with no signs of the problem in any log files.
I have seen this happening to our freebsd and linux machines
I suspect this is the result of instabilities in the electricity.



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