netatalk: Mac or BSD problem

Jim Arnold jarnold at
Tue May 13 05:23:43 PDT 2003

>  > When I do type in my login and password I get the evil spinning
>  > beachball that will not go away without a force quit. All of this was
>>  working fine for a few weeks after going to 10.2.6 on the Mac.
>Can you get a sniffer trace with ethereal or tcpdump?

Attached is a tcpdump of my network card on the offending BSD box.

>  > I'm still not certain where the problem is originating. I've
>  > re-installed Netatalk and tried fixing permissions on the Mac. I have
>>  no problems connecting to the other FBSD box.
>What flags are you using the build the Netatalk port?  Note that there
>were some changes in 10.2.6 with the way OS X recognizes Netatalk
>servers.  One of our developers is working on a AFP 3.x branch now which
>should improve the OS X support.  With other responsibilities, I have
>not been engaged as much in the project, so I'm not sure when the next
>release is due out.

When I originally built the port I did a standard make && make 
install && make clean out of the ports system without any flags. For 
upgrades I used portupgrade.


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