Vmware Misc questions

Jan Grant Jan.Grant at bristol.ac.uk
Tue May 13 03:24:42 PDT 2003

On Mon, 12 May 2003, Fabio Miranda Hamburger wrote:

> Hi, I am running 4,8-stable and I installed vmware.
> I have to following qwuestions.
> 1. vmware asks me for a license of the version and tell me to place it in
> .vmware directory with a filename license, Where Can I get that lincese?
> If I type www.vmweare.com/license_linux I go to a vmware store and I want
> to use the free license if possible.

vmware's a commercial product.

> 2. I want to emulate Windows XP, where do i have to place the instalation
> files?

VMware can be configured to enable the virtual machine to utilise your
CD drive just like it belonged to the virtual machine; so you sohuld
just be able to boot off your windows XP install CD.

> 3. What are the init files of vmware? where can i place configuration
> variables?

It's got a GUI configuation tool built in; each virtual machine also has
an editable .ini file in its associated directory. For some things you
need to edit this file (eg, fixing the vm's mac address)

> 4. where can i get information about vmware on linux?, vmware.com just
> looks like a comercial site, very far from opensource philosophy. however,
> vmware is such a big usefull system.

Useful enough to pay cash for? If so, you need to buy a license.
Otherwise, you probably want to explore alternatives such as Wine or

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