Stray IRQ's

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Stray irq 7 messages

The FBSD FAQ says

5.24. What does ``stray IRQ'' mean?

Stray IRQs are indications of hardware IRQ glitches, mostly from
that removes its interrupt request in the middle of the interrupt
acknowledge cycle.

One has two options for dealing with this:

* Live with the warnings.
  All except the first 5 per irq are suppressed anyway.

* Break the warnings by changing 5 to 0 in isa_strayintr()
  so that all the warnings are suppressed.

To stop the annoying bogus stray irq 7 messages you can hack the
where these messages originate from and change the counter value 5
to 0 so
the messages will no longer be issued.

isa_strayintr lives in  /usr/src/sys/i386/isa/intr_machdep.c

cd /usr/src/sys/i386/isa/
cp intr_machdep.c  # make bkup of original
ee intr_machdep.c

Find isa_strayintr to locate start of stray irq 7 logic

change this

        if (intrcnt[1 + intr] <= 5)

To  this

        if (intrcnt[1 + intr] <= 0)

Recompile your kernel source, reboot and those stray irq 7 messages
are gone.
Document this some place for your self just in case you reinstall

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Alrighty...I've got 4.8-RELEASE on a Compaq ProLiant 5000R (Quad
Pentium Pros
and SMART2/P RAID).  The system keeps complaining about "Stray IRQ
7".  I
can't seem to find a reference for this and I have no idea what
fixing.  Help?

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