Serial Console woes

Aaron Wohl freebsd at
Mon May 12 05:15:08 PDT 2003

notes on setting up freebsd serial console for 115200 baud

-must be com1
-com1 must be at port 0x3F8 irq 4
-in bios set the port and irq as above
-in bios set serial redirection to com1
-in bios set baud rate 115200
-in bios set RTS/CTS flow control
-edit (or create) /etc/make.conf to add these lines:
-cd /sys/boot
-make clean
-make install
-fdisk -B
No im not kidding.  Part of the boot knowing baud rate loader lives in
the main disk boot block.
-cd /boot
-edit loader.conf
-add a line:
-edit /boot.config make it read (with a return after it):
(the above is minus D h return, thats 4 characters)
-cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
-edit XXX(or whatever your kernconf is called)
options               CONSPEED=115200         # Console Redirection
-cd /usr/src
-make buildkernel KERNCONF=XXX
-make installkernel KERNCONF=XXX

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