Fiber Channel/SAN, Multi-Host Attach & HA

Fami M Kunju fami at
Mon May 12 04:44:39 PDT 2003

Hi all,

1. Has anyone any experience of FreeBSD 4.7/4.8 on x86 connected to Compaq RA8000
    Storage Arrays, using a SAN switch (Brocade, others)? The RA8000 appears to be a
    FC-AL offering.

    I am interested to know what HBA was used - any Compaq HBA's? QLogic?
    Any issues or gotchas to watchout for?

2. Any experience with multi-host attach using QLogic 2200's and FreeBSD 4.7/4.8?
    Am looking at a MySQL server HA requirement that would require dual-attaching
    2 servers - 1 active, the other stand-by - to SAN storage (as in 1. above)
    Again, any gotchas and issues?

    Any recommendations/experiences on a HA solution for such a deployment would
    be greatly appreciated too.


Fami Kunju
fami at

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