OpenLDAP authentication

Guy Van Sanden n.b at
Mon May 12 02:46:31 PDT 2003

Hello guys

I'm thinking of switching my NIS based network to OpenLDAP.

My server is FreeBSD 5, it servers NIS, NFS home directories, mail, etc.
The clients are running Mandrake Linux 9.0 and 9.1, using MD5 passwords.

I want to migrate the NIS maps to OpenLDAP (running on my FreeBSD
server), and have everything else authenticate against it.

In a second phase, I would like to migrate the authentication to a
Kerberos 5 realm, with OpenLDAP.
I have no idea yet how to get this working, and if it causes problems
with the NFS server-clients.

Any hints/tips or pointers to intersting documentation are very welcome.

Thanks in advance


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