Long time - sendmail on boot

Eduardo Viruena Silva mrspock at esfm.ipn.mx
Mon May 12 01:20:16 PDT 2003

On Sun, 11 May 2003, vizion communication wrote:

> OK
> Still same problem
> Proper entries were in /etc/hosts
> Any other ideas?
> Maybe I should find a way of starting the dns earlier and
> see if that does it
> David
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> > On Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 04:15  PM, vizion
> communication wrote:
> > > Hi
> > >
> > > On booting system takes for ever before on ntpdate
> (followed by
> > > portmap) and sendmail (followed by
> sendmail-clientmailqueue)
> > >
> > > The system is also the dnsserver for this network so I
> am wondering if
> > > that could have anything to do with it.
> >
> > This usually happens when your DNS is broken, i.e., your machine is
> > named something that doesn't exist.
> >
> > - jim
> >

Well, if your system is the dns of your network check if the first
name server specified in your /etc/resolv.conf file is:


I don't think the name you assign to your system is the problem.
I rather believe that the problem happens when your system cannot
reach its dns.

When I saw your question and Jim's answer, I made some test at home
because I had had this problem before and I did not know why it

1) If I don't configure my NIC, there is no problem...
       ... except, of course, I'm isolated.

2) If my NIC is set and I don't set a nameserver, my systems takes
	3 minutes to pass, from:
		Starting sshd
		Initial i386 initialization
	when it boots, as you reported.

3) If my NIC is set and I include my computer's name in /etc/hosts
	but I don't specify a name server, my system also has the

4) If my NIC is set, its name server is set, but its name is not
	registered in /etc/hosts, there is no problem.

test 1-4 were repited with a non-existent name, and the results were
the same.

The problem does not depend on the system's name.
The problem does not depend on including the system's name in /etc/hosts.
It just depends on reaching the name server.

Now, I made another test.

I created a local name server, registered my system's name
and set as the first name server.  There is no problem
even if my NIC is completely unplugged.

Set as your first name server  in /etc/hosts.


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