library for MP3 header information

Kaarthik Sivakumar kaarthik at
Sun May 11 20:41:03 PDT 2003


(Maybe this is not the right forum for this question; maybe
freebsd-ports is; let me know if i should redirect it there.)

I am trying to find an library that I can use to read header
information from MP3 files that is under BSD license. I know there is
mpglib from mpg123 but that is not distributed as a separate library.
It looks like an application would have to include the files from
mpglib in its own distribution, build the library along with the
application and use it. I could be wrong about this, so please correct
me if that is not the case.

The issue I see with doing this for my application [1] is that mpglib
is distributed as a LGPL library while my application would be under
the BSD license. If someone does modify my application and uses it
commercially, I dont know how that would be affected by the presence
of a LGPL library in there. Would it be ok to do this? I dont know and
I would like to find out. That is why I am out to look for a similar
library that is under BSD license so that I wouldnt have to worry
about this. 

Ideally though I would like a library that is distributed
independently of any application so that I wouldnt have to include it
at all in the distribution of my application.

I may be wrong in a lot of assumptions here or posting to the wrong
list, so feel free to yell at me, if necessary. Thanks for any help


[1] X Audio Database at

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