Console Syntax Highlighting

Tom Smith tom at
Sun May 11 11:19:31 PDT 2003

The problem is that _nothing_ is highlighted. That is, nothing on the
console or in ViM.

See below for additional comments...

Craig Reyenga wrote:

 >Are you talking about a text editor? or the shell prompt? or other?
Well...both ;-). I use Bash 2.05b and ViM 6.1. Both do what I need in
Linux. But when I try to configure them in FBSD they don't work.

I know that I've got the ViM config correct but I'm less proficient with
Bash. Thus, I'm deducing the problem's related to a Bash configuration
issue. With Red Hat, the default global bashrc (/etc/bashrc) supports
syntax highlighting (of files, directories, RPMs, etc). These same
settings don't seem to work very well in FBSD.

 >Text editor: -> Install vim, or jed
 >Shell prompt: -> use my $PS1, or make your own.
 >craig@{ ~ }> echo $PS1
 >craig@{ ~ }>
Is this config for the default /bin/sh shell? Will it work with Bash?

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