Vinum & Firewire

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Sun May 11 08:25:06 PDT 2003

I have created a large vinum volume consisting of one concatenated plex.
The volume uses 3 drives.  Two of the three are IDE drives mounted in the
system case and attached to the IDE controller on the motherboard.  A volume
made from these two drives functioned flawlessly for over a year.

Then the volume finally filled so I added another IDE drive.  However I did
not have room in the system case so I put the drive in a firewire enclosure
and added a firewire card to the system.  Everything seems to work fine once
the system is up and running.

The problem is that upon boot, the firewire drive is not available to vinum
as indicated in this 'list' command:

D ftp2                  State: referenced       Device  Avail: 0/0 MB

Which, of course, leads to a 'corrupt' plex and 'crashed' subdisk:

P ftp.p0              C State: corrupt  Subdisks:     3 Size:        223 GB
S ftp.p0.s2             State: crashed  PO:      149 GB Size:         74 GB

I suspect the cause is that the firewire drive is not ready at the time
vinum starts.  Can anyone confirm or deny this?  Is there a way to add a
delay in the boot process to allow the firewire drive extra time?  Should I
not use vinum with firewire devices?

Any guidance or suggestion appreciated greatly!



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