Serial Console woes

Ryan Merrick sandshrimp at
Sun May 11 03:23:07 PDT 2003


I am trying to setup a serial console between two freebsd 4.8 boxes. 
The cable is known good and has been tested on a master power with
#tip cuaa0b.

I have changed the server to many different configurations and none 
work. I keep changing the getty type and leave the type as unknown. I 
have tried changing type too.

 ttyd0   "/usr/libexec/getty Xwindow"    unknown on insecure

After each change I #kill -HUP 1 and #ps -a | grep ttyd to make sure init
reread the #/etc/ttys.

When I try to connect I get a beep and connected message and a new
 line but I don't see anything else.  I then ~^D out of tip with a [EOT] .

Where am I going wrong?

Ryan Merrick

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