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> #1 Can you tell me the commands to write to install and use a port once it
> is copied on my harddisk by /stand/sysinstall? (please a good quality
> answer is very important for me because im a Newb)
> #2 Why when I am connected to the Internet and I type an adress in my
> browser it never may find the page it give me an error like "this page cant
> be displayed or found, I tryed all adresses,,,
> Thank you for your answer :)
1. )  Here you can find all the available ports and a short description.

	When you find a port you'll like to install, say Apache2 webserver,
	Open a shell-window,
	cd /usr/ports/www/apache2
	make install
	make clean

	This can be done in one single command too :
	make install clean

	Depending on which shell you are using, you might have to type rehash after.
	Needless to say, all this logged in as root.

2.)    Probably problems with your or your ISPs DNS-server or lack om any.
	Saw in the other mails that you had no /etc/resolv.conf , so I guess your
	problem are there.
	You have given very little information on what kind of internet access you
	have, but I suppose that you have gotten instructions from your ISP of which
	DNS-servers to use. ( IP-addresses ) Use to be two of them. A primary and a
	Those ip-addresses are what you are going to put in your /etc/resolv.conf
	Please see my answers to your other mails for instructions on how to do that.

3.	I'll recommend a bit study of the exellent FreeBSD Handbook :-)

	Here you'll find step by step instructions on how to set up, configure and
	get your system running.
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